Restoring dignity & hope through 
teaching the trade of hair

In spring of 2017 an opportunity was presented to myself (Stephanie), where I was asked if I would be willing to share my love of the beauty industry in Nepal. The opportunity was to teach hair to women who were part of an organization that helps heal vulnerable children rescued from trafficking. At first I was hesitant, but my desire to see justice for those enslaved had stirred my heart strings and pulled me toward going to Nepal. 

During my exploratory trip to Nepal in March 2018, my heart grew even deeper for these girls. I was able to train with the girls in-salon, and as I met the directors and those who have come through the program, it became my desire to do whatever I could to help them thrive. I came home knowing we could do more, help more, love deeper, and empower these girls in ways they only dream of.

Nepal is a progressing country; but when we come from somewhere like Canada we can hardly fathom how women and children are treated as less than worthy. Children are often sold out of desperation to survive, they are viewed as outcasts that cost too much money to keep.

What happened to me was I saw the desire to be educated by these young women. The desire to have a career and be able to move out and provide for them selves and truly thrive. I was humbled and grateful to be investing in an organization with such deep roots in healing the victimized and restoring them to whole and loved.  I believe all people deserve an education and opportunity to thrive.

Through sacrificial acts of service, our team members have invested in this outreach to convey the tangible love to the staff and children alike. 

Today, there are four homes and over 150 children who have been saved, and had their dignity restored. We are so excited to be able to go back and bring a team in March to continue our education with the young Nepali women. 

Through our ongoing volunteer efforts, we have created a Hair Training Center, and are working to open a fully sustainable salon business in 2021. Over the next 2 years, our goal is to raise $100,000.00 to fully build and fund their first year of business. Our efforts are to create sustainable employment and be part of giving these women a future and the ability to earn money and live outside the program’s funds. By creating job opportunities within their own community they have the freedom to thrive.

- Stephanie Wright

If you feel moved by the work we’re doing in Nepal and would like to get involved, please visit

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